How much should I charge clients to hire my property?

    We receive e-mails from our members all the time asking how much they should charge for the hire of their property or vehicle…well, how long is a piece of string?

    It’s hard to give a definitive answer to this question as each listing is different, as is each shoot. However, we’ve done our best to put some guidelines in place for you.


    As a rule, the rate should depend on the type of property, type of shoot and the size of the crew. These factors will affect the impact the shoot has on you and your property. Usually, the greater the impact, the greater the fee. 

    Type of property

    In the same way that hiring a huge, country mansion for a holiday would cost more than hiring a bedsit. Grander, more expensive properties can command a higher price point than smaller or less unique spaces. That’s not to say there isn’t desirability for all types of location but it’s important to be realistic with your pricing.

    Type of shoot

    Editorial stills shoot: These photoshoots usually feature in magazines and newspapers alongside articles or as a stand alone feature. We suggest a charge of between £250-£750 for the day. A shoot day typically runs from 9am-6pm and an average crew would include about fifteen people.


    Advertising stills shoot:

    The purpose of these stills shoots is to sell a product. For example, an M&S campaign could feature in magazines, on billboards, flyers, posters… you get the picture (no pun intended). We advise that you charge anywhere from £500-£1250 for the day. Again, the day will usually run from 9am-6pm and involve a crew of about fifteen.



    ‘Filming’ is such a broad subject, but as a general rule of thumb, the price should reflect the size of the crew and type of production. Filmmakers will usually work twelve hour days and rates vary between £250-£3000 per day … we know it’s broad, let’s try to narrow it down a bit:

    • Corporate/ in house projects. This type of shoot is likely to have the least impact on you and your home so will be at the cheaper end of the scale. It encompasses any filming to be used within small circles such as a training video to be used internally within a company. 
    • TV shoots range from small impact documentaries such as an interview for Panorama or large scale, large budget programmes such as The Apprentice. You’ll know what sort of programme the shoot is for and charge accordingly.
    • Commercials are usually high impact, high budget shoots which include lots of people, as such you can charge more for this sort of shoot. 
    • Similar to commercials, movies will be high impact due to the long filming hours and large numbers of people – think James Bond.