What happens when you get an enquiry?


    There are three options when you receive an enquiry about your location:

    1. Accept in principal 

    2. Suggest a new Fee - Here you can negotiate on price and continue talking about the enquiry.

    3. Decline Fee - We have made it easy for you to respond the client with three simple options, not enough information, insufficient budget or not available.


    Accept in Principal


    If you are happy with the fee set by the Client then simply click Agree in principal.



    The client will be notified that you have accepted the fee (please note that this doesn't mean the shoot is confirmed). We advise you contact the client via the messaging panel to confirm with them that they are ready to go ahead with the booking. Once all parties are happy then click the Convert Booking button.





    You will be directed to the booking form, please check all the details are correct. If you wish to change any click on the edit button. If you wish to delete the booking for example if the shoot gets cancelled, click delete. Once you are happy with everything, tick the box at the bottom of the page. The client will now be notified and they will also tick to agree and start the payment process.




    Once the client has paid you will be notified and the funds usually transfer into your dedicated bank account within 8-10 days.